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Our focus is centered upon trauma counselling training for women and adds capacity Informaţii suplimentare The Impact Your support of this self-sustaining training program will help local communities create better lives for the people in Bukavu. Investing in this type of work gives support directly to the people most impacted by violence and poverty in the DRC.

Our work is voluntary so that we can use our resources for implementing grassroots projects on the ground.

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However, we have to get there first. The DRC has been under much political turmoil for years because of the resources in the area - gold, diamonds, and coltan are some of these.

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Because the resources are in such high demand there is no end in sight. Coltan is used in most electronic devices, cell phones, computers, ink jet printers, camera lenses, etc. Caught in the dynamics of war between multinational corporations some of them Candadian companiesrebels and government—all fighting for land resources—the people in Bukavu, and other small villages, are under constant threat of violence, theft, and execution.

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These clashes directly affect women and children through displacement, rape, hunger and violence and leave them susceptible to forced conscription into rebel armies.

Basic survival needs, security, food and clean water Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa scarce resources and hard to supply to the many children who are orphaned and left to fend for themselves.

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We have seen the devastation of Indigenous communities in our home territories in the North, and feel called to support other communities facing similar or worse conditions in the DRC. Thanks for connect with Dating Woman Congo Kinshasa.